Venezianos is not either a pub or a café. It is not even a bar, a house for shows or a little club.

Venezianos is all of this at the same time and what you want it to be! You can bring your mother, who enjoys shaking on the dance floor; your father, who is a confirmed gourmet; your childhood friend who goes with the flow on the microphone; your sister who wants to come out of the closet; your office friend, who lets herself go while she lipsyncs to pop songs, and your personal trainer, who enjoys electro parties.

This is also at Venezianos where you first see your favorite artist’s videos, dance the best versions the world hears, sing along with those who have talent galore and check out, on the walls, the pictures and works of those who transgress by making art. This is where you celebrate your birthday with a VIP treatment, taste the most well-prepared, varied and delicious cuisine in Cidade Baixa, find the most exotic drinks and an infinity of options that may be even named after you in the menu.

Since January 2000, Venezianos has become your second home. This is the place where you consolidate friendships, meet people from all over the country and servers call you by your name. This is where you loved, “unloved”, forgave and found the best pair in the world. Occupying a building which is part of the historic heritage and one of the most appreciated and colorful sidestreets in town, Venezianos works to be a heritage of your heart. Come around!

Ricardo Pont’s text.
(Ricardo Pont is sometimes Ricktocadisco. He is also a journalist, DJ, “opinion maker” and many other things).